Why You Need a Car Seat for Your Pets

Leaving your pet to walk freely inside the car is really a risk to the pet and the driver in the car. The pet can sustain injuries when the brakes are applied instantly or it could run towards the driver when driving, hence causing a distraction which can lead to an accident. Having a car seat for pets can reduce the risk of such incidence to a zero percent chance of happening.
Car seat for pets comes in a variety of forms from simple harness systems to booster seats and pet carriers. Like children’s car seats, car seats for dogs come in different sizes. In addition to finding a seat that fits properly, it’s important to find one that offers the right features for you. If you have a small breed of dog, you’ll have different requirements than an owner of a larger breed. For example, smaller dogs won’t be able to see out of the window unless they are in a booster seat. If you have more than one dog, you may want to consider a dog car seat that can accommodate two or more dogs.

Here is a list of what could possibly go wrong when you don’t have a car seat for pets

When your dog is unrestrained in a moving car, you are really endangering the lives of everyone in the car and also the life of the dog.
The more weight the dog weigh will equally increase the severity of whatsoever damage that might be caused if an accident occurs.
Yes, you love your dog, but you can keep him controlled in few minutes and avoid and save his life by providing a pet car seat
Most time we feel it is not important to get a pet car seat, we feel that the dog is secure and even if an accident occurs your dog will be alright, but the thing is this; all things on earth obeys the law of physics, and if you can fly off the windshield, your dog can also fly off the windshield. Depending on the gravity of the accident, but in worst case scenario the dog could end up dead.
You probably don’t even notice it, but your pets distract you in the car when driving, you might want to touch your pet while driving, or want to see that it is doing fine at the back, all these could lead to a hazardous event.
Although airbags save lives, its explosion can also be dangerous or can cause harm to lightweight individuals, and that is why it is advisable to keep your kids who are 12 or younger from the upfront. Your pet that is not on its dog car seat can also be a victim here, it is very unsafe for a lightweight animal to ride in the upfront seat or even on the lap of the driver, because they can be easily crushed by the steering wheel or airbag.
You should consider getting a car seat for your pets to avoid these bad scenarios from happening, just spending a few dollars to get a pet seat, can save you thousands of dollars in buying a new car that has been crashed or the heartbreak of losing your pet.


COMFORT AND SIZE: The comfort of a pet car seat is necessary to every pet, and the size of the seat2 also matters, if your pet does not feel in charge or feel too restrained, it will have an unpleasant ride, hence ensure the pet car seat has enough space.
SAFETY AND PROTECTION: Ensure that the car seat you are purchasing for your pet has strong attachments so it could keep your pet firmly in its position
EASY TO SET UP: You should also consider the car seat set up before purchasing one, the pet car set should be easy to set up, and also easily detached when not in use.