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Making Milkshake and Ice Cream The Delicious Way

Making a milkshake yourself: how do you do that? A milkshake is a delicious treat in the summer, but even in the winter, many people enjoy a milkshake. Buying a milkshake is often expensive: but it is also easy to make yourself. There is not much to do: some ingredients that are just for sale in the supermarket. Anyone can do it with these handy recipes!

What is a milkshake?
A milkshake is a cold drink that is made from ice cream and fruit. There may also be other ingredients, such as milk or syrup. A milkshake always contains ice, which makes the milkshake thick. This is sometimes confusing because the name milkshake means shaken milk.

How is milkshake made?
A milkshake is made by mixing ice cream with fruits or fruit syrup. Often milk is also added. Usually, a milkshake is blended using a special machine. In cases where they sell milkshakes, this is mainly used because a milkshake can be prepared quickly. A milkshake is served immediately: when the ice melts, the milkshake becomes too thin.

Make your milkshake
Making a milkshake yourself is not as difficult as it seems. It is essential to have a food processor that can mix the ingredients to a smooth mass without lumps. This can be done in a blender, but also a stick mixer. Choosing the ingredients is sometimes difficult: whether or not there is milk, fresh fruit or syrup, whether or not to add cream, ice cream or ice cream?

To help: who chooses ice cream does not need to add extra cream. The ice cream is already creamy enough. Whole milk is preferred over skim milk, because of the full creamy flavor. Fresh fruit is of course very nice and healthy, but who do not have this available, can make good use of fruit syrup. Serve the milkshake preferably in a nice glass with a straw. Give small children a cup.

Recipes with milk and fresh fruit
The recipes below are for a milkshake with milk. Mix all ingredients well, cut fruit first small first. When the milkshake is smooth in structure, it is good.

Banana milkshake
3-4 scoops of ice cream
Whole milk (the more milk, the thinner the milkshake)
One banana

Strawberry milkshake
3-4 scoops of ice cream
Whole milk or warm milk
a handful of cleaned strawberries
Use whipped cream to make the milkshake extra creamy. Whipped cream adds something extra, when using ordinary ice cream. Extra ice cream is unnecessary for ice cream. Use the whipped cream from a package: you have to whip yourself. Add the whipped cream. Do not use cream from a spray can.

Without milk
Little is done, but sometimes a milkshake without milk is chosen. Too much milk makes a milkshake too thin. Too little milk or no milk makes a milkshake sometimes too thick. To get the milkshake still thin, one can choose to melt the ice a bit, making it thinner. However, you will soon miss the thick structure of a real milkshake. For this reason, it is recommended to add milk to a milkshake: but it is not necessary. Another option is to add a dash of 7-up instead of milk to the milkshake.

Calories in a milkshake
A cup of milkshake contains between 200 and 400 kilocalories. This depends heavily on the ingredients used: ice cream contains more kilocalories than ordinary ice cream. Added sugar or sugar in the syrup also contains more kilocalories.

A recipe for a low-calorie milkshake:
3-4 scoops of lean fruit ice cream
Shoot skimmed milk
Fresh fruit
The fresh fruit can be left out when the ice cream with a taste is already full of flavor.
Instead of ice cream, you can also choose a thick yogurt. A milkshake can also be made with only milk: mix everything well and put the milkshake in the freezer for 14 to 45 minutes.

Vanilla ice cream
Two egg yolks
One egg
125gr sugar
a bag of vanilla sugar
350ml of milk
200ml of whipped cream
5 gr cornstarch

Put the egg, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar and cornstarch in a bowl. Mix the mixture with a mixer until it is approximately white. Slowly heat the milk. Stir the hot milk slowly through the mixture. Pour the mixture into a pan if everything is mixed well. Heat the mixture moderately and for about 2 minutes with constant stirring. It certainly should not start cooking. Let it cool down to refrigerator temperature and add the whipped cream. Switch the icemaker on ice cream stand and pour the mixture into the machine. Let it run for about half an hour.
Tip: if the mixture has started to separate, blend the mixture in a blender for half a minute.

Raspberry ice cream
200gr raspberries
100g of sugar
One egg yolk
1 tbsp lemon juice
250ml of milk
100ml cream
Wash the raspberries. Blend them with the lemon juice, sugar and egg yolk. Mix the mixture with the whipped cream and the milk. Mix well. Switch the icemaker on ice cream and pour the mixture into the machine. Let it run for about half an hour.

Banana ice cream
250gr bananas
110gr of sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
100ml cream
250ml of milk
Blend the banana with the sugar and lemon juice. Beat the whipped cream almost stiffly. Mix the banana mixture with the whipped cream and the milk. Switch the icemaker on ice cream and pour the mixture into the machine.