Keep up with the latest fashion with these 5 tips

Fashion grows, it is like a child who keeps developing stage by stage, and just like a child, the clothing he wore five years ago, won’t make sense if wears such dress today.

Some months back, I do remember going through my wardroom and I found those amazing dress, that looked like the incredible Cinderella gown, but unfortunately, they were no more adorable, I even asked myself how I managed to wear such clothing but despite how funny this may sound, these clothes were the best during my high school days.

Yes, it’s so true that first impression matters and our clothing plays a major role in this impression, when we go out to places, we might wonder why the waiter seems nicer the other person than you, but what the waiter does is psychological he uses his eyes to scout through you and possibly lay a random guess which most time is correct and chose to react according to his level of preference, so a good or bad image of yourself most time is reflected in the clothes you wear.
Keeping up with the latest trend of fashion

So, after all is said, we might wonder how can we know the fashion what is presently trending? Here are great tips you can apply to keep you updated with the new style invoked.

1. Shop the market
Yes, during your free time you could walk through the market and see what is presently trending, you can also check out amazing retail shops and check out their clothing section, I am very sure you will be well informed by the time you finish scouting through these websites.

2. Connect with industry and consumer resources
Many industries are very friendly to their customers, connect with them and let them keep you updated with relevant information. You could subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media through their handles and by this way you will keep a close tab as to what is going on or is about to happen. There are also consumer resources such as Wall Street Journals, New York Times and others that will keep you edify with great news about the happening in the fashion industry.

3. Subscribe to newsletters
I think I touched on this previously and here I am still advising that you should subscribe to newsletters and be opportune to receive world-class information on trends. Subscribing to different brands is a great idea to be able to read and understand the trends and their intentions.

5. Leverage Social media
Twitter is really a valuable tool, just scrolling through your feed will give you access to latest news and trends, which also involves the fashion industry. Instagram is also a great avenue to be informed especially with images or videos on the latest trends in the industry.

6. Be willing to spend
I am not asking you to spend $100,000 on a dress or wearing the best designers when you can’t afford it, but you should be willing to spend on your looks, it can cost so little to look great, but if we don’t research, we will think we have to save hundreds of dollars in other to look great.