Impacts of Information Technology on Society in the New Century

Technology is a very vast word and should not be limited to a specific scope or view. We know it to be the acquisition of knowledge and application of the acquired knowledge.

Many factors in our environment are technology driven; our banking system, security system, Politics, health system Industries, Economy and finally the new information age. Every day, better, simpler and faster ways of achieving a goal is being obtained.

The introduction of factory machines was a huge milestone, but the introduction of a computer was a revolution that has changed us so much and we wonder how we survived without this device. The internet was a breakthrough and the invention of cell phones was a miracle unimagined. Fiber optics discovery was a big way forward for communication services.

Silicon was discovered to be a very useful substance which was further used to produce transistors, Transistors also made way for computers, phones, and many other automated devices. With this revolution in technology, a new age was born this new age is called the information age. The information age holds so much future for us and it has really elevated man ability, we can see the stretch in capacity with the launch of spaceships and satellites.

Let’s not limit this advent of a new technology to satellites, we can also see the breakthroughs made in medical research, better programs are being introduced daily to study conditions and hence producing a better result. Treatments for unknown ailments have been found and more discoveries and research are being made daily with the aid of computer programs and the internet.

The internet has seen a massive boom over the period of years, according to Morgan, he said that the technology in the information age will continue to increase exponentially. This has proven to be true as internet usage which recorded only a few millions of users in the 90’s is presently housing billions of users today.

Amazingly our social lives have taken a U-turn, we are so connected to our loved ones and we can always keep in touch, even if they are millions of miles away. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram connects us to millions of people of different races and we can share ideas with each other from different parts of the world. Amazing projects have been carried out by people living in distant countries and with the aide of the internet, they were able to achieve their goals.

E-Commerce is a huge success in retailing, things have been made easier and cheaper with this innovation, you can sit at home and order for your complete grocery list and it will be brought to you in so little time, all you have to do is to use your phone or laptop to create your list on this website and once payment is confirmed your product will be brought to your doorstep. A lot of people are also monetizing this platform by acting as sales reps either placing links on their blog and whenever people click and buy from these retailers through their link they get paid. This is the best part about this information age, everyone gets rewarded, all you have to do is to choose a niche that best suits you.