Building a Lasting Relationship May Be Easier Than You Think

Having a perfect relationship these days is almost a mission impossible, there are so many factors that really limit us from reaching that uttermost love affair we always desire. But a major limitation this is ourselves, we tend to be too stiff with our ego and unwilling to make sacrifices regarding our character, the truth is being in a relationship means you are choosing to become selfless, you now have a partner and the rules have to change. You cannot continue with your previous behaviors which portray a selfish you and expect a perfect relationship.


Quality Couple Time
To look good, we need to spend some quality in the gym daily, this same principle applies to our relationship, to for us to continually have a healthy relationship, we would always need to spend quality time with each other as much as possible. Memories are what we cannot trade, hence flood her memories with the thought of you and you alone, the nights you spent in the movies together and so much more.

Communicate Openly with Genuine Concern, Each for the Other
Not all times we mutually agree to things in our relationship, but how do we handle this situation, do both parties dialogue or do they just get agree and do what they like? We should always show genuine concern to each other opinion as this is a key player in moving a relationship forward. When you don’t agree with your partner opinion, don’t just condemn it, try to see reasons from your partner own end view and try dialogue, reaching a perfectly mutual stand.

Keep Your Partner ‘Safe’
How do you treat your partner when with families or friends, do you leave them standing alone or you try to take a united stand to fight adversaries, your partner will appreciate you so much if you are always there to support, it could be just showing good gestures and more? Always assure them orally, or through actions, that you will always stand by them

Don’t worry about the differences
Do easily get irritated with few habits of your partner and you feel like running away? That will surely be a terrible choice to make, we need to learn to start understanding each other differences and be ready to move on, call your partner and discuss this issue with them and you both should suggest possible ways to bring down such attitude and live a happier relationship.

Listen carefully
Listening is a key ingredient needed in our lives to deal with people, this shows to a large extent that you care about what your partner is saying and you are ready to help. This act will make your partner to love you more because they are convinced that you are concerned about their well-being.

Use your smartphone wisely
Our cell phone is a very big innovation to mankind and has really changed a lot of things, but you should know when this device should be in use and when it shouldn’t, avoid operating your phone when discussing issues with your partner, because they really want your full attention and any slight distraction really hurts them.
Establish Trust

Trust is the driver for every relationship, with trust you can move forward and without it there is really no need to keep going because it will not be smooth, always ensure you and your partner have no trust issue as this is the basic requirement for a lasting relationship.